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18510-18524 Mayall St Northridge CA 91324, ZONE2

18500 A-H

18502 A-H

18504 A-L

18506 A-H

18508 A-H

18510 A-L

18512 000F, A-D

18514 A-F

18516 A-L

18518 A-L

18520 A-L

18524 A-L

18526 A-L

18528 A-H


18532 A-H

This hoa is

Peppertree Northridge HOA, there is a gate to go into the property that leads to lots of different addresses

do not schedule this property until 2024 summer

Last visit was from christian was here but couldn't access the roof so he left.

To schedule this property, we need to contact someone to open the roof

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